Saint Savinien sur Charente

Nestled in a bend of the Charente, Saint-Savinien, (a “Petite Cité de Caractère andVillage de pierres et d’eau”), invites you to visit. In days gone by, it was a commercial port. Today, you can stroll along the quays and through the town’s lanes of stone.

Perched on a rocky spur, the church and its fortified château dominate the Charente and create an unforgettable image for the visitor. From up here too the majestic presence of fishermen’s cabins (“carrelets”) can be detected on the horizon. The quarries where the extraction of dressed stone took place over the centuries are just a few metres distant.

Families will enjoy the pleasantly named île de la Grenouillette (baby frog’s island) and its outdoor recreational park for picnics or relaxation. Children can briefly become sailors navigating miniature boats on the fresh-water lake. The banks of the Charente are an ideal starting-point for a river-trip or just a gentle stroll.

Close by is Fenioux, on the St James of Compostella trail, with its enchanting church and 18m high “Lanterne des Morts” both jewels of Romanesque art.

Wander through the quiet little lanes of Taillebourg, a village where the remains of a feudal castle bear witness to the great events of the past. The ramparts of this fortified site offer a wonderful panorama over the quays below and the valley of the Charente. And if you can’t resist the call of the waters, take advantage of all that is on offer in the water-sports centre.

Look, wake up your senses and live life…

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